Ginet Deeply Discusses 5G And Makes It Better In The Chunshen Lakeside

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The 20th China copper clad laminate technology seminar was held in Rosedale Chunshenhu Resort Hotel Suzhou from October 17 to October 19, 2019. With the theme of "Adapt to the New Situation, Seize the New Opportunity and Improve the New Level", this seminar invited well-known experts in the industry to have a wide and in-depth discussion on the new technology, new process, new material, new equipment, new standard of CCL in 5G era, as well as the development trend of copper clad laminate market and technology in the future.

Suzhou Ginet New Material Technology Co., Ltd participated in the event as co-sponsor of the conference.

Driven by the market demand of 5G equipment and mobile communication, electronic automobile, intelligent manufacturing, internet of things, etc., the continuous innovation and technical level of CCL products in China have been developed rapidly in the process of R & D and production of high-frequency, high-speed, high heat conduction and high reliability products.

• Huang Mingli, Chief Engineer of HUAWEI Technologies Co., Ltd. 2012 laboratory:" New demand of developing 5G communications for CCL and raw materials";

• Li Jingke, Technical Quality Engineer of ZTE Co., Ltd.: "PCB technology and material requirements for 5G system products";

• Yang Weisheng, Senior Engineer of the 14th Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Group Co., Ltd.: "Research and development of microwave substrates for ADAS radar sensors";

• Zhu Datong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Copper Clad Laminate Association (CCLA) : "Discussion on High-speed CCL Products and Technology Development";

At the dinner party, Lei Zhengming, Secretary-General of Industry Association, said: The event of CCL industry held in 2019, the first year of the 5G, is the one with the largest number of participants, the highest report quality and the best effect over the years, which is the charm brought by 5G.

Ginet witnessed the rapid development of CCL over the past ten years. Ten years ago, Ginet took the lead in the import substitution of fillers in the CCL industry, and has continuously followed the industry's continuous innovation and maintaining its leading position in the industry. Since then, it is also fascinated by the industry, and it is now the only one with almost all of the CCL enterprises to cooperate with.

Three years ago, Ginet began to develop inorganic materials for 5G CCL application jointly with downstream enterprises such as founder and the best enterprises in CCL industry. In the first half of this year, it became a regular one.

Ginet is not only a single category of materials, but aslo a supermarket of copper-clad inorganic materials, focusing on the application solutions of high-end inorganic non-metallic materials; At present, high-frequency high-speed, high thermal conductivity, packaging, HDI and other products, cover all applications of 5G CCL, focusing on the good combination of inorganic and organic materials; Make 5G copper clad laminate materials more excellent performance, and more competitive in comprehensive cost, so that the fourth main material play a greater role.

Thanks to HUAWEI and ZTE, the best companies in China, for their traction in this era;

Thanks to various excellent CCL enterprises’ leading in this industry;

Thanks to the CCL industry association for giving Ginet such a platform;

Ginet deeply discusses 5G and makes it better in the Chunshen Lakeside!