Lithium Affects The Future, Aluminium Builds Safety Alteo-Ginet First Show In The 11th Shanghai International Lithium Battery Industry Fair

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On August 28-30, 2019, the first exhibition of Alteo-Ginet was successfully held in the 11th Shanghai International Lithium Battery Industry Fair . During the exhibition, more than 400 enterprises and more than 40,000 participants from all over the world participated in the event to share the latest product and technology application results and inject new energy into the lithium-ion material industry.

Alteo-Ginet team

Alteo-Ginet (Sino-French joint venture) brings the latest SEPal series products of high purity alumina with lithium diaphragm to this event in the international exhibition area. The marketing and technical teams in Chinese and French interact with participants on the technical route, application scheme and industry trend of SEPal series alumina products.

Exhibition scene

With centennial technology precipitation and focusing on high-purity alumina, SEPal series alumina has been widely praised by domestic power lithium battery diaphragm and battery manufacturers. Among them, SEPal-70J08 sand-free aluminum oxide can greatly reduce customer equipment investment and production costs. It meets the performance requirements of mainstream lithium battery diaphragm aluminum oxide.

SEPal-70J04, with small particle size and narrow distribution, is applied to ultra-thin coating ceramic diaphragm and has the development trend of high temperature and high safety. It has good performance in the field of high-end 3C digital and power battery. In the future, lithium battery market has higher technical requirements of high-security, high-temperature resistance and ultra-thin layer (1.5-2um) to ceramic diaphragm, SEPal-70J04 products can meet the development trend of higher security of lithium battery in the future.

Alteo-Ginet is committed to providing customers with alumina supply services in the whole industrial chain. Relying on China-France R&D platform, it can meet the needs of localized production, one-stop and customized alumina product solutions. In the future, Alteo-Ginet will always pay attention to the development of lithium electricity industry, continue to focus on technological innovation and protect the safety of lithium battery!