Ginet 5G I Inorganic New Material, Aluminum Nitride Assist 5G

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Great OpportunitiesFor Heat-conducting Materials

With the coming of the 5G era, the competition of chip manufacturers, the efforts of operators, and the beach grabbing of mobile phone companies, the expectation of consumers has spread to the world, and the competition of 5G industry chain is becoming more and more fierce. According to the data, in 2020, the sales volume of smart phones will reach 1.588 billion, the sales volume of 5G phone will reach 63.52 million; The number of new 5G base stations will reach 680,000. As a key material in the upstream of 5G industry chain, heat conducting materials will also meet the incremental demand under the wave of 5G, and the market is expected to open up new space.

Layout Heat Conducting Materials In Advance

Due to the significant improvement of transmission rate, frequency, signal strength, 5G product components will usher in a new revolution from core chips to RF devices, from the body material to the internal structure. Hardware innovation and upgrading put forward new requirements for 5G products heat conduction. High insulation, high heat conductivity, high stability has become the new trend of heat conduction materials at present. In accordance with the characteristics of 5G market in China, Ginet has created a new heat conduction material aluminum nitride, which has the advantages of complete specifications, high quality, and high cost performance. It welcomes the arrival of heat conduction demand of more than 6W, comprehensively imports and substitutes, and became a regular one.

High Heat Conductivity Aluminum Nitride Play An Important Role In 5G For Commercial Use

Ginet launched five specifications of aluminum nitride materials with the most complete AN series in the domestic market, featuring hydrolysis resistance, high stability, good fluidity and high filling ratio.

AN Series products

As a one-stop service provider of inorganic materials for thermal management system, Ginet adheres to strict quality management standards for many years in the electronic industry, uses mature surface treatment technology, and is committed to improving the heat conduction efficiency and stability of products, so as to provide customers with more high-quality solutions.