Colorful Ginet, Cheerful World CP30 Leads The Future Of Powder Coating

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As a greener and more environmentally friendly material, powder coatings enjoy great development space in the international coating market. As a big country of powder coating production and consumption, China still lags behind the developed countries in the R & D and production level of special properties (including light and color retention). Recently, the functional filler CP30 made by Ginet is expected to break the existing powder coating market and help the development of higher-quality green innovative coating industry.

CP30 is a new type of synthetic inorganic non-metallic powder. Because of its special composition and processing technology, CP30 has the characteristics of high transparency, good weather resistance, good water-resistance, high hardness, good abrasion resistance, high extinction efficiency, low cost, safety, green and environmental protection, etc. Grafted with specific organic groups, CP30 has a prominent advantage in improving the water-boiling, light and color retention properties of powder coating. The application of modified CP30 in the boiling of dark powder (titanium white and carbon black) is described below.

The researchers said that 20% modified CP30 was added to the outdoor polyester formula, and the rest of the fillers were supplemented with extinction barium. The national standard method (GB5273.4) was used to test the water-cooking, light and color retention of the template. It was found that the appearance of the sample with modified CP30 was obviously different before and after boiling.

Extinction barium on the left and modified CP30 on the right

It can be seen that the color difference between before water-boiling (the upper part) and after water-boiling (the lower part) is obvious, and the white is obvious after boiling, while the color difference before and after boiling between the modified CP30 model is slight. The light loss rate showed that the extinction barium sample reaches 56.1%, and the modified CP30 sample is only 20.7%. The color difference of the boiling place before and after boiling was measured by ?E, the extinction barium sample is 5.24, and the modification CP30 sample is only 1.1. The results showed that the modified CP30 template showed good water-boiling, light and color retention properties.