Directly Hit The International Lithium Frontier, Participate In The Global Material Upgrade

Release Time:2019-02-23 Clicks:901

On February 27, 2019, the 10th Japan Int’L Rechargeable Battery Expo was held in Tokyo, Japan. As the largest battery exhibition in the world, Battery Japan attracts exhibitors and insiders from all aspects of the industry chain, such as battery production, battery materials, battery equipment, battery testing, etc., to share state-of-the-art technology and latest products. It is the top event in the global lithium battery industry, and the number of lithium battery exhibitors from China continues to rise.

As a key supplier of raw materials for lithium batteries, Alteo-Ginet participated in the event. During the meeting, Alteo-Ginet participated actively and discussed the future development direction of lithium battery with experts from all walks of life. Firstly, the business model of electric vehicles will be innovated; Europe's battery industry will enter a stage of rapid development; The leading enterprises of electric vehicles have been laying out the next generation of electric vehicles driven by fuel cells and all solid-state batteries. Secondly, the battery will continue to develop in the direction of high energy density, high safety, long cycle life, high power density and low cost.

For the diaphragm field, we had in-depth exchange of views with the representatives of more than 10 diaphragms and related materials enterprises. Alteo-Ginet's ultra-fine alumina and ultra-low moisture alumina products attracted the great interest of the technical leaders of relevant enterprises, and also conducted in-depth technical exchanges after the exhibition.

Alteo-Ginet will fully meet the development of the lithium-ion industry, keep pace with the international market and leading enterprises, adhere to the innovative drive, practice the spirit of craftsmen, and promote the upgrading of China’s lithium-ion battery diaphragm alumina.