Ginet R&D Has The High Efficient Solutions In Heat Dissipation Of Lithium

Release Time:2019-04-18 Clicks:1065

On April 9-11, 2019, the 7th China Information Technology Expo was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The theme of this Expo is "innovation-driven development intelligence empowering future", which involves the new development direction and new demand of the electronic heat conduction and heat dissipation market in the future.

As a one-stop service provider of inorganic material of thermal management system, Ginet inorganic new materials participated in the whole industry event, interacted actively with many terminal enterprises at the conference to understand the technical requirements of terminal industries in the field of heat conduction and heat dissipation, and provided the appropriate thermal management system scheme. Ginet inorganic new materials focuses on the application technology innovation of inorganic new materials engineering in heat conduction and heat dissipation industry, especially in the field of high heat conduction, it has developed high-end products with high resistance to hydrolysis aluminum nitride and spherical boron nitride, which helps LED, new energy, 5G and other industrial products have more efficient heat dissipation system and longer service life.

Many new energy vehicle enterprises participate in the exhibition, and Ginet inorganic new materials and NISSAN related personnel are closely interacted. In view of the new energy vehicles control in the density and the need for vehicle weight loss and high efficient heat dissipation, it is suggested that the multi-purpose gel plan for lithium battery cooling system be used to provide heat conduction powder with low oil absorption value and narrow particle size distribution, so that the gel has a lower thermal resistance and higher heat dissipation. Makes the lithium energy more efficient in heat dissipation lighter in weight, longer in service life, and improves the construction efficiency at the same time.

HIK VISION technicians in the field have put forward that the silicon series heat conduction and heat dissipation products in the safety products have never been able to effectively solve the silicon oil precipitation caused by the aging of silicon series heat dissipation products, so that the aging resistance function of the non-silicon products such as the acrylic system used by the atomizing camera is relatively poor. With the experience of more than ten years in the combination of inorganic powder and organic resin, Ginet inorganic materials uses the surface treatment of the silicon oil system to increase the compatibility of the powder and silicone oil, improve the aging resistance of the heat dissipation materials, reduce the oil production rate, and make the camera always keep high definition.

As a one-stop service provider of inorganic material of thermal management system, Ginet inorganic new materials has solved the problems that the industry service provider can only provide a single product, the quality is not stable, the industry is not fully understood and so on.